Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I promise, I'm alive!

Wow, I apologize for dropping off the face of the planet for the past month, needless to say it's been insanely crazy and busy. Just a run-down of events:

  • Jacksonville Horse Shows, Week 1 & 2
  • ANRC Tryouts 
  • School starting, after missing a week of classes to go show in FL 
  • Judicial Committee meetings 
  • IHSA Head to Head Competition against Duke University
  • IHSA Horse Show @ Home, and all the planning to go with it 
  • Catching up with school friends! 
  • Elon IHSA Horse Show, this coming sunday 
  • Being a good girlfriend, and watching lacrosse scrimmages in the cooooold. 
Regardless, my life has been crazy. Amazing, but crazy. The boyfriend is still wonderful, the new horse is amaaaaazing, and classes are much better than last semester. Here's a brief recap of the past month: 

The Week 1 Group @ J-Ville, Schooling Day! 

Week 2, Schooling Day! During the coldest streak of Florida weather for the first time in 75 YEARS. 

Friiieeeennnddsss! At our "Jersey Shore" Party. Being a true NJ Girl, I went alllll out.... 

Now, I get the chance to introduce the second man in my North Carolina life, "In Disguise," also known as Cooper. I found him the day after New Years outside of Raleigh, and fell in loveeeee. He's a 8 year old Thoroughbred gelding who's done the First Years, Large Juniors and the Children's. He doesn't care about anything, and I'm totally in love. Also, have I mentioned, he's 17hh? Freaking huge, so amazing. 

He was an ANGEL in Jacksonville. We pinned in almost every single class, sometimes being the highest pinning SAPC rider. I, needless to say, was amazed. I'm so so sooooo happy to have him, I cannot wait to see how the rest of the semester pans out! 

Working without irons Monday, such a hunk! 

Jacksonville Week 1, Adult Amateurs (: 

His goooorrrgeous hot pink halter. (: He loves it. 

Anyway, I need to keep reading about boobs for my Politics of Sex class tomorrow, finish "Light In August" by Faulkner, read two critical essays on Othello, and then go crawl into bed with the Boyfriend. Oh, I love life. 


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  2. What a beautiful boy! My horse, Doogie, loves his purple halter and pink bell boots...such a manly man :)

  3. He's beautiful, Audrey! Nice job. (: