Sunday, December 27, 2009

Suzy Homemaker?

So, with nothing to do here in Northern Virginia (for me at least), when I am not talking to friends, skyping the boyfriend, reading books, doing laundry or horse shopping, I'm coincidently knitting.

I learned how to roughly... twelve years ago? My grandmother gave me the yarn and the pattern for a American Girl sweater. I promptly took up the needles, and tried my hardest to figure it out. So, I finished it, with the help of Grandmom Virginia, and it soon became Becky, my American Girl doll, best outfit. I've made many things, including rainbow arm warmers for riding in the winter, but I love making scarves. I think that it stems from the fact that they are easy, don't need a pattern, and I can make them however I want.

More than anything, I love to give homemade scarves as gifts. I have so many, that I like to give them to friends to enjoy, and see them wear something that I know I put a lot of time and thought into. So, my boyfriend is from Minnesota, and an avid ice fisherman. Go ahead, laugh. I do, allll the time. So, I've decided that he needs a big scarf to keep him warm. He's 6'5", so when I say big, I mean big. I'm very pleased with how it's turned out. I'm mailing it to him on Tuesday, because I was not planning on getting it to him by Christmas. He, however, was, so I had to get on it and finish it!

I'll leave you all with a goofy picture to enjoy, modeling his nearly finished scarf. I'm hoping he wears it better than I do. (;

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  1. Love the scarf!!

    I am new to your blog! Come on over to my blog and follow back if you would like. It is very nice to "meet" you.